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Frequently Asked

What is Rowan Choice?

Rowan Choice is a hybrid program offered between Rowan University and Rowan College of South Jersey (RCSJ). Students live on Rowan University’s campus and can participate in its student life activities, while taking classes offered through RCSJ and taught by its faculty.

Who is this program for?

Students interested in this program must have between zero (0) to no more than fifteen (15) college credits when enrolling into Rowan Choice. If a student has more than twenty-four (24) college credits, that student will have to apply to Rowan University via their transfer application.

How long is the program?

Rowan Choice is a one- or two-year program designed for incoming freshmen students. Students must complete 24-30 college credits and maintain a 2.0 GPA or above to fulfill the program’s requirements. After one year, depending on your major, students can transition seamlessly into Rowan University with the help of Rowan Choice team to register for classes as a rising sophomore or junior.

If I enroll in Rowan Choice, will my RCSJ credits transfer to Rowan University?

Students will complete between 24 to 60 credits (depending on the major and if they attend for either one or two years) when enrolled in Rowan Choice program. The curriculum has been selected and approved by both institutions. (This margin provides for any developmental coursework requirements, if necessary.)

How do I enroll in the Rowan Choice program?

After applying to Rowan University and completing all application requirements, prospective students receive a decision from Rowan University with further instructions. This process entails completing and sending back the Rowan Choice Enrollment Confirmation Letter.

If I am interested in Rowan Choice, can I still be considered for regular admission to Rowan University?

Yes. Students are considered for both Rowan University and Rowan Choice. Students who are accepted into Rowan University have the option of selecting Rowan Choice if they would like, however, students who are referred to Rowan Choice in their beginning stages, do not have the option of selecting Rowan University.

Can I receive financial aid as a Rowan Choice student?

Yes. Students are encouraged to file FAFSA and HESAA forms beginning in early October and November. All students have to list RCSJ on their FAFSA if they wish to receive aid for Rowan Choice. (RCSJ Federal School Code: 006901).

Who should I contact about financial aid?

The RCSJ Office of Financial Aid. You will ask for Manny Singh ([email protected] / 856-468-5000 x 6313) as he is our Rowan Choice Financial Aid Advisor.

Can I apply for institutional scholarships as a Rowan Choice student?

Yes. Rowan Choice students may apply for scholarships through RCSJ. Since the students are considered enrolled RCSJ students, students are ineligible for Rowan University scholarships. RCSJ scholarship deadlines apply.

Can NJ STARS funds be applied to the Rowan Choice program?

Yes. If the students meet all requirements, NJ STARS can be applied to Rowan Choice. If you would like more information on NJ STARS, please visit our Office of Financial Aid.

Can I apply for the EOF program as a Rowan Choice student?

Yes. Qualified applicants will be eligible for the EOF program offered through RCSJ. If you would like more information on the EOF program, you can visit their web page online at

Can private scholarship funds or alternative loans be applied to the Rowan Choice program?

Yes. RCSJ will process any private scholarships or alternative loans for which students apply.

Am I eligible for the Federal Work Study program as a Rowan Choice student?

Yes. Students may participate in the RCSJ Federal Work Study program. They must apply in person at the RCSJ Office of Financial Aid.

Do Rowan Choice students qualify for a payment plan option?

Yes. Students can set up a payment plan through their portal electronically or through the RCSJ Business Office. Payment plans start at the end of July, before the fall semester payment due date.

Which institution do I pay, and when is the fall semester payment due?

Students will pay one invoice to RCSJ. This covers the entire cost of the fall semester (RCSJ tuition, Rowan University room and board, and both institution fees) and is due the first full week of August.

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